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Lex-Tech - Headlight Restoration Service

We offer headlight restoration for all Toyota & Lexus models.

Headlight restoration...there's no single other thing you could do that would have a bigger impact on the APPEARANCE and SAFETY of your vehicle. LEX-TECH provides professional headlight restoration, so that you can have your Toyota or Lexus headlights restored.

Toyota Celica before photo with cloudy headlightsToyota Celica after treatment photo with clear like new headlights

Over a period of time the sun's harmful UV rays, halogen bulb heat, weather, and road debris will degrade the look and function of your headlight lenses. These forces can result in headlights that look ugly in appearance while losing its most important function; the ability to illuminate, and in some cases can lead to MOT failure.

We have the system that restores headlights to their original factory like condition at a fraction of the replacement cost. Our headlight restoration saves you up to 93% off the cost of replacement headlights which can range anywhere from £200 to £500.


Your headlight covers are aging rapidly. Nothing makes a car look older and more poorly maintained than a pair of hazy or yellow headlights. Make your car look new and young again with a facelift...restored crystal clear headlights. Taking years off your headlights dramatically improves your vehicle's appearance, resale value, and helps sell your car faster. LEX-TECH have a system that completely resurfaces the lenses; mechanically wet-sand stripping them of all oxidation, professionally polishing them, and coating them with extremely protective and long lasting UV sealant...restoring Toyota & Lexus lights back to as close to their original factory like condition for years to come. Don't put it off any longer, give your Toyota or Lexus headlights a facelift and they'll pay you back in spades.

Toyota before photo with cloudy headlights
Toyota during photo with partially cloudy headlights
Toyota after photo with now clear headlights



Restoring your Toyota or Lexus headlights to their original clarity not only improves your vehicle's appearance, but more importantly provides safety to the vehicle's occupants by restoring the headlight's ability to project light properly. The oxidized plastic refracts and disperses the light that is passing through the lens cover, reducing the amount of light illuminating the road by as much as 75%!

LEX-TECH'S professional restoration lets all of the light through, allowing your headlights to work the way they were originally made to.

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