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Lexus Service at Lex-Tech

Lexus service is a complex set of processes and procedures that have been defined by the manufacturer to ensure that the warranty and after warranty performance of the vehicle is at its optimal. It requires a lot of hands on experience to look after a Lexus and to make sure that all of its systems are at optimal operation.

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Lexus Schedule Service

Lexus badgeWith Lex-Tech there is no risk of putting your warranty in jeopardy - all of our work is compliant with the manufacturer standards and expectation of the service delivered to the owner of a Lexus vehicle. Keeping a complete set of documentation needed to have an accurate history of the vehicle's life is something Lex-Tech is exceptionally good at.

Lexus Service & Mechanical Repairs

Lexus expertise can only come from the education and hands on experience.
At Lex-Tech we believe in ongoing education and bettering our understanding of new and emerging technologies like hybrid vehicles and emerging hydrogen technology. Lexus being one of the early adopters of these technologies represents significant interest and therefore expertise from Lex-Tech.

Lexus Maintenance

Lexus demands the most attentive and dedicated service from any Lexus Technician. Proper Lexus maintenance involves looking after your car from day one and making sure that every item on the list is checked in the process of regular checkups.

Lexus Satisfaction

As a result of high quality service Lex-Tech attract Lexus clients from such areas as Portsmouth, Fareham, Whiteley, Hedge End, all areas of Southampton, as well as Bournemouth and Alton.

We offer all aspects of repair and maintenance to the following Lexus models,

All Lexus servicing is carried out using genuine Lexus parts and in accordance with Lexus’s service schedule.

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  1. Any vehicle booked in for review/work, which is cancelled within 24 hrs of the date of the review/work to be undertaken will incur a cancellation charge equal to the amount of labour that would have been invoiced if the work had been carried out.
  2. All parts remain the property of Lex-Tech Ltd, whether incorporated into the vehicle or not, until paid for in full.
  3. Vehicles will not be released from the premises without payment in full and Lex-Tech Ltd has the right to exercise a lien over such vehicles.
  4. All vehicles left with Lex-Tech Ltd are left at the owners own risk.
  5. Lex-Tech Ltd does not take responsibility for any loss or damage to any vehicle caused whilst within its custody unless due to the negligence or breach of contract of Lex-Tech Ltd.
  6. Lex-Tech Ltd reserves the right to retain any vehicle deemed to be unsafe or un roadworthy. Such vehicles may be released to the owner upon signing a declaration that they are aware of this.
  7. Any waiver of any of these terms is at Lex-Tech Ltd's discretion. Previous waiver by Lex-Tech Ltd does not bind future transactions.

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